What Did Conor Mcgregor Say to Khabib? and How is it Relevant NOW?

Now that Conor is back in the game after his win against “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone this past Saturday, some are reliving the past and looking forward to his potential future with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dana White revealed after the Cerrone fight that a rematch between Khabib and Conor “Makes sense”. But Khabib and his coach have been adamant in the past that a rematch will not take place. Khabib has never turned down a fight and with his 28-0 streak, so the public can’t help but wonder if he will turn down a legitimate offer to defend his title as UFC Lightweight Champion that will seriously impact the legacy of both Khabib and Mcgregor.
During their first match back in 2018, Both fighters entered the fight at an ultimate high after a build-up of tension that saw mcgregor throw a dolly at a bus containing Khabib at a UFC 223 media day, which was then used as a focus in promoting the fight.

Nuramgomedov, as he has been known to do in previous fights, spoke to McGregor  during the fight and sarcastically demanded that they "talk now" as he rained down punches on top Conor.
McGregor was heard saying, "It's only business" at the end of the third round, which, many assume was his way of excusing his trash talk prior to the fight that contributed to the massive amount tension between the two fighters.
At the end of the fight, Nurmagomedov jumped out of the cage and attacked McGregor's teammates and said at his post-fight press conference that Mr. Notorious crossed a line during the promotion of said fight, a point which McGregor seems to reference during the fight when he says 'it's only business'.