Will Conor Mcgregor Box Again?

Conor McGregor has revealed to the public that he plans to box again in the future. Mr.Notorious claims that he receives offers to step back inside the boxing ring every week.
The 30-year-old lost in his only boxing contest in August 2017 after he was stopped in the tenth round against Floyd Mayweather. He still managed to gain an enormous amount of cash from the fight, a reported £73,824,300, but he has stressed he would only return to boxing for the love of the game and not for financial gain. He told reporters when asked about boxing again, "Never say never, but right now I’m focusing on my family, MMA training, Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey, and several other business ventures…I will surely box again, but timing is not determined by me now."
When asked who he would would want to compete against he replied, "That’s a very good question. Time will tell. We get requests and offers every week, as everyone would love a 'red panty' night with me so they can line their pockets with cash.”
As of right now, McGregor appears to be focusing on his comeback in the UFC octagon after his win against Cerrone after a long stagnant streak after his loss in 2018 against Khabib.


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